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Bodyfat won't go down!!!HELP!!!

I have been an avid lifter for 5 years. I am actually a fitness director and personal trainer. I am 24 years of age and always was able to decrease bodyfat with simply either cutting carbs and doing some light cardio and meltdown training. I have always taken Xenadrine or ripped fuel, or MD6 when dieting. Well I let myself go for several months and waist went from 32" to 36" bodyfat from 10% to 17%. I am the most out of shape in my life. I started training again 3 times a week with weights doing a meltdown training program. I also started doing light cardio 3-4 times a week. Hit some MD6 and d-bol (25mg daily) and T2. Still not a budge in the waist line. Ususally I average 1/2-1" off my waist each week while doing this form of training. My diet has been pretty on track. Lean meats, carbs around 160 a day. By the way I weigh 170 lbs. 5’8". And fat around 30 grams a day. Still not a budge in my waist line in two weeks. I am so pissed. I have access to test. enanthate, nolvadex, d-bol. What should I do I am desperate! I got my leanest in my life when I was on Xenadrine and nolvadex together. I got down around 8-9% bodyfat. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I have read alot of the articles in t-mag. That is why I am asking for help because I am not going anywhere. Thanks to all who respond.

Sounds like you focus a lot on drugs and supps, but little on diet. Do you keep a food log?

Agree with Paul. What’s your diet like? Also, perhaps you should consider doing something different than resorting to meltdown training and light cardio. How about 5x5 or Fat to Fire and instead of light cardio perform HIIT.

Thank god I don’t waste my money on a personal trainer… What do you normally do when a client has 17% bodyfat? You certainly can’t suggest the D-bol. I guess they’re F*cked.

You are a fitness director and personal trainer and you are asking this?

You didnt put all of that weight on at once…don’t expect or try to take it all back off at once loss of one pound a week would be ideal.


Good suggestions from Patricia, but I’ll add that you need more than 30 grams of fat a day!!! and that waist measurements are not a good way of tracking bodyfat. Try calipers.

Hi, Frustrated. We’ve all been there – or a lot of us, anyway. What I’d like to see you do is go back to basics, and these are the same things and the same steps you’d take your clients through.

One, how much protein are you taking in per day? At your weight, you should be taking in about 255g of protein, divided into a MINIMUM of 6 meals. That’s 1.5g of protein per pound of BW, though there are those that argue that it should be 1.5g times LBM.

You’re cutting your carbs, a good thing. But what type of carbs are you eating? Have you read the article, “Foods that make you look good Nekkid”? If not, do a search over on the article archive.

Do you do P+F and P+C food combining? There’s some solid science behind the concept. If you don’t, do a search (in the article archives again) for Berardi and read EVERYTHING the man has ever written.

Desperate, all I can say is that I DON’T have access to some of the chemical crutches you do. I don’t even use an ECA stack. My cardio isn’t excessive (never more than four 30-minute sessions per week), but my diet is perfectly “dialed in,” as we like to say here on the forum. And I can tell you right now, you will never find a person that has a more stubborn metabolism than mine. Yet a dialed-in diet is ever so slowly getting me to where I want to go. I consider diet the single-most important thing to focus on when it comes to dropping BF. Even my workout in the gym is only complementary at best.

So as has been suggested by others, start a food log. Use your frustration to make positive changes in your life. Along with the food log, like paul said, read the articles I recommended. And also take a look at T-Dawg 2.0. It’s something you could use with your clients and count on getting good results.

With that foundation laid, any of us here would be glad to help you fine-tune your diet and recommend workouts. There will be adjustments you will need to make along the way, but that’s the case with everyone. And if you’re doing YOUR part (i.e., a food log), we can be of greater assistance.

How does that sound? Believe it or not, we really would like to help.

test,d-bol make you look blotted… Why are you taking steroids anyways.

Hey Frustrated,
I would have to agree with the majority in that you seem to rely more on supplements than your actual diet! And I am definetely with Tampa Terry when she states that you need to up your protein intake! Take her advice and read the article, “Foods that make you look good nekkid!” In terms of cardio work…try some interval training or take Patricia’s advice and do some HIIT! I know she is a HUGE fan of the jump rope. Well, good luck to you.

Juice can do wierd things to your metabolism and rate of water retention (bloated look). That’s a bad habit to start because it is hard to top gains that made with a synthetic chemical. (Not to mention other bodily damages). Stick to a sound weightlifting routine with morning, empty-morning cardio and drop the juice!

i am not going to really give you any advice because you clearly have not done your h.w. all i can say is wtf are you doing using androgens if you dont even know how to train or eat. “you made your best gains on zen and nolvadex?” since when is nolvadex used as a cutting agent? if your cutting why are you using androgens that promote mass gains and water retention? your the fitness director, shouldnt you know these things?

What kind of personal trainer are you???

Agree with most of whats been said.

No offense dude, but I don’t think I want to train in your gym. And I’m sorry but I just don’t believe you’ve read up and implemented as you say you have. If you had, you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing currently. I promise you’ll get a LOT more help here if you do most of the work yourself, and THEN ask for fine detail.

P-Dog said the first thing I was going to say- why do you think primarily mass building steroids (Test, Dbol) will help you lean up?

You DON’T need steroids to cut. You need hard work and a good diet. Take the advice of Tampa, read the articles, look at your diet and training program, and get back to us when you have a REAL plan.

You’ve got to realise that as you get older, your basal metabolism slows, and it’s going to take a little more effort and planning to get in shape than it would have done a few years ago.

Please don’t take my comments personally, it’s just that we’ve heard this story too many times before.
Good luck, SRS

By the way, forgot to ask- who is your training certification with?

PLEASE don’t say ACE.
:slight_smile: SRS

I am normally not one to flame someone, but this one really got to me. I am wondering if this is a real post as I cannot fathom a PERSONAL TRAINER asking for such basic advice. What is really ironic is that at my gym the ISSA-certified trainer there is always coming up to me asking for advice on diet and training. Part of me is flattered that this person respects me enough to ask me questions, but then part of me wants to say, “BUT YOU’RE A TRAINER!!! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO KNOW THESE THINGS!!!” I guess I’m in the wrong line of work.

Oh, and by the way, I bet you anything we never hear another word from “Frustrated Lifter” on this post.

Not, only is a Personal Trainer, he is the Fitness Director too. Now I am frustraded!!!

Glad I never paid for a personal trainer. What exactly do you learn in one of those certificate programs?..how to wipe sweat off of the treadmills properly? I was interested in becoming a trainer myslef, so please tell me what course you took so I will be sure not to take that one.
p.s. HA!

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I guess I’m just feeling feisty and was really irritated by this ridiculous post…I need to start taking sensitivity lessons from Tampa Terry! If this one didn’t get under her skin, she has got to be the most patient, courteous person on the entire planet!

I think there needs to be a version 2.0 of “So You Want To Be a Personal Trainer” and this post simply MUST be included. Like everyone else, I want to know what certification this poor fellow obtained. My guess is it was an open book ISSA examination, or one of those home-study courses that offer a “degree.” FITNESS DIRECTOR??? R U KIDDING ME??? Also, a buck seventy and on DBOL??? Better check your source, buddy…you’re probably taking aspirin and don’t even know it.

There is, of course, that distinct possibility that this was a joke post.

Well for starters thanks for all who responded with words other than oh my god your a trainer? Well for your information its not so much that I dont know what to do as it is that I am sick and tired of fucking eat strict and training. Try going to work for 12 hours a day and then stay another hour. And to all who respond to this negatively dont open your fuckin mouth until you have been in other shoes. Actually I have several books by Charles Poliquin, Dan Duchaine, Ian King, etc. My main point of the post was to get more encourage from others and those that really tried thank you. To those that flamed screw you. Give me advice not critisim. Oh and nolvadex is a dieting drug you fucking dumbasses. Go read the underground steroid handbook I carry fat around my butt area. Next topic go read steroid dieting here at t-mag. Last time I checked he recommends several androgens so once again I did do my homework so fuck off to those that said shit about that. I came on here for help and words of encouragement. Yeah I do know the basics, but I am burnt out and am looking for short cuts. So to those that helped thanks and to those that just flamed, well it is a free country, but try to only say things of encouragement and/or help.