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Bodyfat% & Start of Growth Surge

Can anyone tell me approximately what there BF% is at the time they are starting the first phase of the Growth Surge Project. What is too fat to start on a Overfeeding cycle. I sorely want to start MAG-10 in the worst way. Right now I am weighing 230 with approx. 14% BF. I can’t get any fatter and would not mind dropping a couple of pounds each time through the 6-week cycle. Any suggestions thoughts or shared concerns??

John always says to lean down before you bulk up. Try Meltdown training but follow the food guide for Growth Surge Part I.

Ditto for what JB and TEK said. The current recommnendation is to be at (or below) 10% BF…that gives you a sort of “fat cushion” during an Overfeeding cycle.

Bill Roberts recommends if starting at a higher bodyfat percentage to use the first couple weeks for dieting and then switch to an overfeeding for the remainder. This is in accordance with what Berardi recommends and I would imagine would work well, especially if doing a 6-8 week cycle.