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Bodyfat % Question



Just wondering if a few people can take a look at the pics in my log and estimate the bodyfat % that I was at the time. Just would like a reference.


Your little, eat more then ask lol; Seriously, go eat more and do more total body exercises they'll build alot of muscle and keep you from putting up alot of %bf



ehhh, I said "at the time" in my original post, as those were from a while ago. Anyways, I just want a reference, and right now I'm around 15-20 lbs heavier than in those pics.

PS, I would love to see some pics of you at 210 with 6% bodyfat, I'll be waiting...


Hard to estimate without shoe


In your log it says outright that you're not really worried about bf%, just body comp (even though body comp is defined as amount of body fat vs. muscle mass, I get your point).

I liked your old attitude better.

Why the sudden desire to know what your bf% was 15-16 months ago?

Also, how did you envision this thread turning out?


Assuming you are flexing your abs, I would say 13-15%.


Why do I have anything to prove ? I'm not the one asking dumb questions about old pictures. Not to mention I could give a flying fuck about looking pretty.


You are completely right, I'm not looking to cut down or anything at the moment, as I said before I was just curious. On the contrary I'm looking to get up to 225-230 by around January and then cut down and see what I have. I really just had no clue what I was at and simply wanted an unbiased estimate from a few posters for a simple reference.


Dude, from what I've looked at your former posts, you go around, especially in the beginners forum, spouting out a lot of talk. At 5'11, 210 and 6% body fat I'm sure you would have one of the more impressive physiques on the site and honestly it would be cool to see. If you are legit, I, along with many others, would prob have no problem racking your brain as to how you train and eat, but way too many people like to play workout guru here. If you shut me up I have absolutely no problem in apologizing.

Edit: I see that you changed your profile...


Eh... It's low.

Now go eat.