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Bodyfat Percentage to See Abs?


Okay I'm sure this topic has been discussed millions of times already, but at what body fat percentage will the abs really start coming out?

I had a 7 point test done and I'm at 10.8%, honestly I was shocked because I have flab around my chest and abdomen. I thought I was closer to 15%. Also, does anyone have any tips on getting those last few more lbs off? The guy who did the test said I needed to be doing low intensity, high volume cardio. I've been doing the opposite...HIIT.


post a pic


Just because you had a multi point pinch test done does not mean the person pinching you knew what they were doing so leave in a margin for error.

As for the abs question, the percent of body fat needed to visible see your abs varies with the individual.

Could be 6-12%.


Okay I'll post a pic when I get home tonight


For an 8 pack to be completely visible, for me is about 6%.


Don't see why you'd want this question answered? 'knowing' isn't the same as 'showing'. I suggest keep working hard until you see your abs, then get an accurate bodyfat measurement (if you still care, I know I don't)?


Well I guess my real question is what do I need to be doing? Low intensity, high volume cardio or HIIT? I'm getting conflicting advice from the research I 've done


Visible abs are made in the kitchen, so tighten up your diet. The type of training your doing will really have no bearing on getting a six pack, but if you need to lose fat then creating a calorific deficit by whatever means is essential.

If you want to make your abs "pop" aka be more visible at a higher body weight, focus on core stability/anti-rotation/anti-extension exercises, this also has a great carryover to all your compound lifts and is pretty much a must regardless of training goal.




Charles Poliquin says it's 9.7%





you have to have a 6 pack in order for it to be visible. A little flab at the bottom and you still may see it at the top if you have a 6 pack, at a legit 10% if you have a 6 pack I think you should see it. Different abs have deeper crevices also.


What does "really start to come out" mean? if you mean a ripped six pack, it's fairly low. If you mean fairly visible abs with good definition in the top two rows, with big obliques, and a shadow of the other abs, you can get pretty damn fat and still clearly see all that.

like other muscles, it depends on the size of the abs and not just what level of body-fat you have. Most people have woefully under-sized abs and so the % people will say you need to fully see abs is lower than it actually needs to be.


I think it's really genetic. I remember Prof X writing posting a pic of a dude who looked about 20%bf, but had pretty good abdominal definition. Just depends on where you personally hold fat on your body...


7% for full six pack


^ x2 I just started the Paleo/Metabolic diet for powerlifters and have lost 4# of bodyfat over the first three weeks and my abs are definately "popping" a bit more than before. My $0.02 worth !



Like was said, this is completely genetic. It also depends on how large the segments of the rectus abd. are. I have large cross sections so I can see the outline of some abs even at higher body fat percentages.

I seriously doubt the guy above is under 22% body fat but his abs stand out more than some of rail thin guys here.

Throwing out random numbers is pointless unless speaking of extremes.

Most bodybuilders today probably compete at between 6-8 true body fat percentage even though they may get lower readings. I would expect lower on a pro stage getting below 6%.


Also (no racist) darker skin will show 'better' abdominal definition due to the effect of shadow etc. Hence why everyone gets tanned up to the maximum when actually competing in BB