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Bodyfat Percentage/Proportions

Hey guys! Can someone give me a super honest opinion on my bodyfat percentage and all around physique. I have a hard time judging it myself! Thanks

I’m sitting around 190 pounds and 5’ 7", my bodyfat guess is 18 percent. As my caliper shows anywhere from 14-20% with the lower ab skin fold method.

I’ll try and get a back pic in the next few days

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Be prepared for a lot of people to ask you to hold a shoe.

Fact is, without the ability to look through your skin and see the visceral fat you hold between your organs, no one can give you any sort of number that has any meaning as far as bodyfat percentage goes. Your best bet is to use non-quantifiable terms.

When evaluating my own bodyfat, I’ve got “fat” “not fat” “leannish” “lean” and “cut”.

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Putting in the only terms that mean anything to me, my guess is you are about 6 to 8 weeks out from being stage ready. Who cares what % body fat you are?

Your proportions look excellent.


I’m a big fan of this method as well: thanks for bringing it up. Such a better way to view things than a sheer number.

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To hold a shoe? Yeah I get what your saying with the guessing percentages.

Thanks man, I’m a few weeks into a minor cut so I’m trying to get a bearing on where I’m at and where I want to be at the end.

For a contest I would use the 9 point skin fold test. As long has the skin folds were getting smaller I knew I was losing fat. I monitored a couple exercises to assure that I wasn’t losing muscle too. Regardless its accuracy for determining % body fat, it was great for indicating progress from week to week. (as long as the same person is taking the measurements at the same locations)

Throughout the years I knew that the upper back skin fold was the most important as I was nearing the contest. That is where I carried the most fat.


I’ll give that a try, thanks for the suggestion.