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Bodyfat% of moviestars

I was just thinking about the bf% of some of the more well trained actors in their movies: like what bf% did Bruce Lee for example have? He looked like 6% or something! And what about Christian Bale in Am Psycho? 8%? There are more, Rocky/Stallone when he was fighting the russian in Rocky4, Ed Norton in Am History X…hell, even Pitt in Fight Club. This could be a cool topic, give me your thoughts on this.

Well, I think it is very difficult to judge bodyfat % by observing movie stars, since muscular deception techniques are so prevalent in that industry. Pitt had very present abs, but it was all due to various tanning effects and lighting in the scene. Tanning can generally bring out lagging body parts and make them appear nicely. About Bruce Lee…If you watch some of his movies closely, such as “Enter the Dragon,” you can see that he is faintly straining his musculature all throughout thus creating a ripped effect. Despite this, no blatant tanning techniques appear to have been used aside from the normal doses, so I think he was still quite candidly ripped at anywhere from 4-7%.

Yea, your right about that, tanning and light effects have a strong impact on the actors visuals. What about Steeve Reeves in some of the movies he did? 10-12% bf I would guess.

What about Chris Farley? I’m guessing about 40%.

LOL!!! That’s fucking hilarious

to the other extreme of chris farley…kate moss and some those other models…i am thinkin in low 6%…personaly i think that is gross

Yeah, lighting and contracting muscles was a big part of how Bruce Lee looked ripped on screen. I remember seeing a black and white photo of him shirtless on the set when he was talking to the director or something like that, i.e. just relaxed. Trust me, he was in good shape, but he didn’t looked “ripped.” I suspect that even the pro BB in their contest condition would not be nearly as impressive standing next to us under flourescent without a pump and a little muscular tension applied. The stage shots and photo sessions are designed for maximum effect. No model is impressive in person as in staged photos. Still, all other factors being equal, 6% looks a lot more impressive than 10%!

i bet today they can add fake abs with computers and make them look real or makesomeone look thiner etc…