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Bodyfat Measurements

this may or may not be a stupid question, but here goes:

is there any significant difference between getting bodyfat measurements pre-workout vs. post-workout?

my thinking is that there is little to no difference…

the reason I ask is that I went to the trainers at my gym (World Gym in Coram, NY) and asked to get measured (I had just finished my workout) - the guy looked across the room (literally, about 15 feet away behind the reception center), said “I can’t seem to find the calipers” and then told me I have to have the measurements done before working out…

now obviously he either a) didn’t want to do the measurements b) don’t really know how to c) a+b d) is a complete fucktard…


There is a significant difference in being tested before and after a workout. If you are at a REALLY high bodyfat percentage, you may not see a difference. However, at lower percentages you will. After a workout your muscles will be larger because obviously they are swollen and pumped. So, when your quad is bulging from so much blood its harder to get an accurate fold. Also, your size after working out is not your true size. Its sort of a common sense thing I guess.


Well could be as simple as he didnt want to measure your sweaty ass. LOL.

There may be a bit of difference however due to both water loss but more so the muscle pump swollen muscels that may have pushed some fat around on a temp basis and give false readings.

I say best time is same as scale upon first waking and do it the same time every time…

thanks for the responses…

although it is probably ideal to get tested prior to your workout, I would imagine that venturing to get the measurements post-exercise would cause a slight difference, but by no means significant for someone in the 'teens of BF% - and in my case I am probably somewhere around 16-18% currently.

my biggest problem is that twice I’ve asked and both times I got the run-around from these asses…the first time the receptionist actually took my phone number and said she had to have the trainer call me and schedule the measurement - as stupid as that is, he never called.

but reading your comments and doing a little research on my own it is stated that pre-workout is ideal.