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Bodyfat Measurements

I spoke with my Doctor today, who told me that she doesn’t measure body fat. Where can I get this done, or what devices might I purchase to do this myself? I know all the T-people have some fine ideas on this, so let’s have 'em.

Thanks in advance


You have two choices that I would recommend: 1)skinfold calipers and this web site (delete the space before “bodyfat”) www.enforcergraphics.f2s.com/ bodyfat.htm or 2)bioelectrical impedance with a good Tanita scale or Omron device. If you go to the web site mentioned above, it provides a link to 2 different kinds of calipers that work well and tells you where to take the measurements (use the male 3 site equation if by yourself or use the 7 site if you can have the same person measure your body fat each time). If you use the bioelectrical impedance device, take a nude measurement each morning several times and average them. Then average the 7 days of measurements in a week to get your body fat and compare weekly changes (don’t worry about the daily changes because they will be there). Body composition is something you use to track changes, so don’t worry too much about the exact numbers. If you take your measurements and they seem really weird, post another question and I will answer it. I hope this helps. BTW, I think T-mag will be covering this topic in the near future because the questions regarding this topic are abundant on the forum.

Thanks for the information, Jason. I appreciate your help.

Jason, is the article you wrote for T-mag going to be published?

I don’t know yet. TC and Chris Shugart have both seen the article, but TC makes the final call. If you’ve liked the information that I have posted on the forum regarding body composition measurement send TC an email. The article sums up the majority of my thoughts on the how-to’s of body composition measurement and its application to bodybuilders and athletes.