Bodyfat Measurements

Hey everyone! Just wondering about the easiest way to measure bodyfat without consulting an M.D. Any info would be appreciated.

I liked the dunk tank. I just called up to the local medical school in town (OHSU in Portland, Or) and scheduled a time to come in and they did it. It cost some $$. But it was pretty cool.

I don’t think that you should waste your time and pay good money to get a hydrostatic weighing test, DEXA scan or Bod Pod assessment. These look fancy and I can explain how they all work, but I’ve done that for the most part in previous posts. I think that a simple pair of calipers will do the trick for most or you could go with a Tanita body fat scale or an Omron biolectrical impedance device. But before you make a decision, you need to read up on a couple of posts that I’ve contributed too. I just copied this from another post I answered last week, “There are several good posts that you can find the information. I have a Tanita TBF-551 which measures body fat to the nearest 0.1% and weight to the nearest 0.2lbs. It has 4 slots to remember settings for 4 different people. I’m still experimenting with the machine, but can say that it will do the trick for most people although I think that using skinfold calipers and a site like Bodyfat Calculators push page is better in the long run. Mufasa has had better experience with his Omron bioelectrical body fat analyzer which is a device I have not used. My advice would be to read the posts entitled “Why you don’t like your body comp numbers”, “Jason N.: More On Impedence Devices” and “Mufasa - How’s the Bioelectrical Scale Working” If you have any trouble finding those posts, let me know and I can bump them up. The first post gets more into the science behind body composition measurement. The last two primarily deal with bioelectrical impedance scales.” If you have any specific questions, please ask. My Master’s thesis involved comparing DEXA with a multi-compartment model combining hydrostatic weighing with a measure of total body water and total body bone mineral. I’ve read more journal articles and books about body composition than I’ve ever wanted to. Good luck!

Any way would be better than consulting an M.D.! If you’re less than 20% bodyfat most of them would probably think you’re anorexic, uhealthy and need to get fatter

got to your local gym and get a body fat do with calipers they are usually free or they might have a minimal fee and it 5%-10% error in them.