Bodyfat Measurement and Abs

I recently bought bodyfat calipers in order to better track my progress.

According to the measurements I am at 8-10% bodyfat. In my opinion I do not have the ab definition consistant with that measurement.

When I wrestled in high school I had a bodyfat of 4% (only for a little while) and I did not have highly visible abs then either.

Are my abs just underdeveloped or is my body just not suited for that kind of definition? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

At 8-10% body fat you should be able to see your abs. They not be cut up or clearly defined, but you should not have much visible fat.

I’ve found measuring body fat to be very frustrating. Both calipers and electronic scales give me inconsistent readings. I now rely on a combination of the mirror, scale weight, and waist measurements.

This is VERY true if you were once over weight even more so. I can be Fing ripped and veiny. Quad striations etc yet lower abd are just peeking through even with veins in my obliques.

It individual I suppose, yet can be frustrating.