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BodyFat Measure


Hi Guys,

I am trying to access my bodyfat level in order to better regulate my diet and training.

This morning I did a checkup at the gym and got an interesting result..

The Jackson/Pollock 7 method yielded a 4.95% bodyfat lvl. (This test use the measures of your skinfold in 7 different spots of your body)

I was never the kind of skinny guy (nor do I look like now. Not strong also), so I could not trust this result. I cant even see my abs. No way im at lessthan 5%.

So using the Tape measure method (Heigh x neck x waist) I got a 9-10%. Much more reasonable.

Could anyone explain me this big difference? Would that mean that I tend to carry not too much fat, but they are heavily concentrated in my waist line/abs?

Thansk in advance.


Post the caliper reading


Thought this thread could use a little...



Might Help


Great Find.


Thanks for the link. Great indeed.

The only real problem is that sometimes people think they are bigger(fat/strong) and/or smaller (thin/lean) than they really are.Think about anorexic people? That might be a little bit extreme, but serve as an example.

That is when I find body measures to be a great tool.