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Okay, I’m fully aware that it’s not possible to spot reduce; however, when dropping BF is it typical to become leaner in areas that are holding a lower concentration of BF (e.g. shoulders & Arms)then higher percentage areas such as lower abs? I’ve been dieting for a couple of weeks now and I’m notably leaner in my upper body but my lower abdominal area has remained consistant. Thx for the FB.

Randy, yes, it is typical to hold onto fat in those areas. They gave a higher concentration of fat, which is the result of thousands of years of evolution. Try supplementing with Yohimbe to help speed the process along. Hope this helps.

That would be your stubborn areas. First place to store fat, last place to lose it.

randy - your body burns fat randomly yes, but it does so in a fairly even pattern across your entire body. the highly concentrated areas will appear to be “holding out” while the leaner areas will show the visual signs earlier. as your fat volume decreases and the areas to pull fat from become more scarce you should see what appears to be an acceleration of fat loss in your lower abs due to that being one of the few places fat can be drawn from. kevo

Yohimbine works wonders for me in the midsection area…Try md6 it’s the only thing I’ll ever use when I’m trying to cut up…in addition T2 pro may be a great addition also if you want to speed things up a little more.

Great feedback…Thx, guys.

I know for me, I get lean in the arms and legs first. Then I start losing from my midsection. When I get into my midsection I lose from my upper abs, then my lower abs. Lower abs and love handles are the last to go for me. I get veins all over in my arms, calves, and legs before I lose my stomach. Looks like you might be unlucky like me.