Bodyfat %: Is This Possible?

heya guys i am 36 yrs old and trying to find out my bodyfat %
i went to and my specs is

HEIGHT- 69inches
LLiac- 33.5inches
WAIST 34.5inches

Your estimated body fat percentage is: 22.3 %

Your estimated lean body mass is: 104.1 lbs

is this unhealthy?and also is this a good approximate reading off my bodfat? my tummy is getting bigger sinse i am eating alot more now should i adjust my diet? need some tips please help :slight_smile:

Seemed pretty accurate for my measurements though I’m no real judge of body fat percentages. 22% body fat seems kind of high at your bodyweight and your bodyweight seems sorta low for your height. At 36, you can live with that BF% no problem, but it will catch up to you in a decade or so - so no immediate concerns there.

Can’t help you with the diet since I dunno what you eat now, nor what you’re eating for. To run farther, get bigger, get smaller? What’s your current activity level?

You might want to read these:

Massive eating 1
Massive Eating 2

There’s some pretty good calorie calculation algorithms there you can use to determine how much you should be eating for your current weight and activity level. Look on the site for stuff by Berardi and Shugart. They have some good columns on WHAT to eat. Don’t get caught up in the V-Diet stuff just yet though.

ah, thanks alot for the info, i just wanted to make sure its not way too haigh at 22%, i know that i am eating alot more to gain weight at the moment have started bulking for like 3mths now,i really need to get a food log going, thanks again for your help most apprecited.

Do think that there is any way possible that you could be overweight or have too high of a bf% being a whomping 134lbs at 5’9?

I’m assuming you’re a man. Correct me if I’m wrong. 22% is about average. It’s far from ideal. Healthier would be under 15. Your lean body mass is low. As Skidmark said, that will catch up with you. What’s your training like?


Monday - Chest/Biceps
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - LEGS/SHOLDER
Thursday - off
Saturday - off
Sunday - off

Flat Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Flat Bench Dumbell Flyes

Bent Over 1 Arm Dumbell Rows

Standing Barbell Curls
Preacher Curls (with dumbells or barbell)
Seated/Standing Dumbell Curls

bench press [close grip]
lying tricep extensions

Calve Raises

Seated/Standing Military Press (with barbell or dumbells)
Lateral Raises

thats my training at the moment, however i have been trying to take in alot off calories and carbs and eating alot off peanut and lots off mash potatoes can be the cause off the extra fat on my tummy.

and yes i am a guy sorry bout that :slight_smile:

Yes the carbs will add fat, definitely.

Meat, eggs, milk. Lots of them. Veggies and fruits, heavy on the veggies. Carbs only pre,intra- and post workout for about 2-4 hours and then only mixed with a protein supplement. Off 'em after that as much as possible. Some is okay, but most of your energy should come from fats in the non-workout hours. That’s if you don’t want to gain a ton of fat while gaining muscle. Doesn’t matter to some - me, for example.

Your program has too much upper body push and not enough pull. One or two rowing exercises for 6 pushing exercises is a recipe for shoulder problems later on.

Too much curling - if you do rows and pullups your biceps will get bigger esp. as you gain weight.

I don’t think you are ready to work each bodypart only once a week. Guys with a lot of muscle mass and working intensely can do that and gain. It sounds as though you are at the beginning of things.

Go to Mikemahler.con and check out his e-zine. He has something called the Doug Hepburn program. It would be perfect for you.

You’ll have to scroll down a ways. Just CTL-F and enter “hepburn” and search till you get to the article.


Listen to Stuward - he has a well-reasoned approach to weight training and diet whereas I tend to shoot from the hip.

thanks again skidmark for all your great advice, i am only doing this like 2mths and also i am working out at home so just have a bench and some free weights, so that why i cant do any pulling exercises, please keep me posted, and thanks again :slight_smile:

You can pull from the floor. Do deadlifts, power cleans and bent rows. Also, find a rafter or door frame and do chin ups. A $20 chin up bar will hold your weight.

I use 6 basic exercises that should be the cornerstone of everyones training.

Bench press
Overhead press
Chin up

There’s no reason why you can’t do them all twice a week and when you’re starting out, even 3 times/week.

You have all the equipment to do some variation of all of these. At some point you should get a squat rack so you can do back squats but you can do front squats, lunges, step ups, etc.

Do about 3 sets of each exercise with about 5-10 reps. Progressively increase the weights you use. You will get stronger and bigger.

Edit: Skidmark, great article. Redserv, you would do well to follow the advice in that article.


ok think i’ll do some adjustments to my program thanks alot stu :slight_smile:

i am going to fine tune my weight trainig program and post it here again, really need help to get a good beginners program, it could be really confusing when you get to much info :frowning:

Post all your training regularly and you’ll find it to be a great help.

Welcome Redserv… look forward to watching your progress

thanks alot guys apprecite the help :slight_smile: