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Bodyfat Evaluation Question


I’m 18 going on 19 now, I’ve been working out about 2 years started off as a fat 5’3 160lb guy worked to lose that weight and hit 127lbs in just over a year and a half of dieting and a year of weights.

Since then I found T-Nation about the time this acc was registered got reading, learning and decided to bulk. As of today I’m up to 144lbs. Progress I’m happy with. Now in January when I got weighed I was 137lbs at 20.4% bodyfat according to some sort of electrical device which you grip your hands on when instructed.

Today I weigh 144lbs and 20.2% bodyfat according to the same thing. What I don’t understand is I don’t look like I’ve got that much bodyfat on me.
How accurate are these things? I’m not worried my bulks going pretty well but if you think theres a good chance this thing is right I would like to know.

Not meaning to be a whiney kid about it but you probably know a lot more than me about this sort of thing.

Thanks and happy easter monday.

They are not accurate at all.

Why does the number matter anyway?

Whether it said 20% or 10% or 5%, you still look the way you look.

Post a picture.

You could well be 20%, without pictures people wont really be able to help.

Breaking down the math

144 @ 20% is 115.2 LBM, 28.8lbs fat mass
137 @ 20% is 109.6 LBM, 27.4lbs fat mass

Assuming (its a big assumption) that the machine is accurate, as bio electrical impedance machines aren’t that accurate, thats some good progress. 1lb of fat for nearly 5lbs of muscle. You cant ask for more than that.

The machine at least shows a positive upwards trend of LBM gains.

The reason BEI machines arent that accurate is that there are too many variables, such as water content that can skew the machine’s results. But assuming you were tested under roughly the same conditions, then give yourself a pat on the back.

Thanks side, I’ll get some pictures for the post… I know it’d help all I have is a terrible webcam which zooms in and wont zoom out again lol… So it’s hard to get a very good picture.