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Bodyfat Estimation?

Hey coach thib , so i never truly get my bodyfat percentage tested by a pro so i was wondering if you can give me a rough estimation based on the photo above .
i am 5ft7 about 170 lbs and my waist measurmet is 31.5 inches.
i would really appreciate the help.

Use google for bodyfat % and photos. Pick the one closest to yourself.

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Considering that this photo is about 25% of your body it is hard to estimate because people carry body fat differently. It is likely between 16 and 22%

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Thanks coach , so i think i clearly should start to cut and i was thinking may be a sprint fat loss is more suitable for my personality so any recommondations nutrition wise.
ive seen you recomended 50% calorie deficits in some threads but i prefer 24 hours fasts so would the 5 /2 diet do the trick if i make it arround 6000 kcal deficit weekly?

That’s not how I would do it. But if you like to do it that way, best of luck to you

Yeah really you’re not that fat but you really lack muscle so staying around maintenance, eating clean and doing a slow body comp focusing on gaining lean mass would be better I think :slight_smile: