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Bodyfat Estimation?


What bodyat percentage do you guys think I have? Im guessing about 15% maybe more. I don't trust online calculators and a DEXA scan is too expensive. Do you think its fine to clean bulk from here for a year? I dont care much about abs just want to get more mass and not too much fat.


dude, what's up with your clavicles?


Are you trying to be funny? As you already know, genetically fucked up. Why are you stalking me?


you look like the third member of the Legion of Doom


ok so I genuinely thought you'd see the funny side of all that but apparently not, so I sincerely apologise for any offence.

As for your question - I'd put you a little leaner than 15% but it's hard to say as not everyone stores their fat in the exact same proportions. I'd say you were lean, which is about as scientific as it's possible to be.


I didn't get mad, just not really feeling it right now :slight_smile: Ok thanks, maybe 12-13%


Yeah you're pretty lean, clean bulk is fine for you