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Bodyfat Estimate

Can you estimate my bodyfat percentage?

It’s pretty high.

Will an exact number change anything about how you diet or train?

it’s too high. Eat better.

Too high for what?

@MickeyGoesToHell You don’t really need to know the exact number. The mirror tells you enough to choose what you want to do right now. Don’t bother with exact percentage numbers.

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anything and everything

Where’s the shoe?:yum:

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Well I was just curious coz someoe told me its in the 25-30% range

This doesn’t really answer the question I asked you.

What will you change about your diet or training based on the exact number your bodyfat percentage is?

Well for starters I will stop binge eating and eat around 1400-1700 cals a day with adequate protein and moderate carbs. I also will change my rep range from 1-6 to 12-15. Also I will add a running session after each lifting workout and change my split from one bodypart/day to a push/pull split.

Why not just do this now? I can’t imagine binge eating has been very productive to you before.

I feel you’d do better utilizing a variety of rep ranges and a logical progression scheme rather than just sticking with one for everything.

Yeah I think you’re right. Thanks for the advice!