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Bodyfat Estimate Please


hey guys, 166 @ 5'10, looking to get a bf estimate.

also, cut or bulk? Since it's summer and i've never been this lean before I don't really want to bulk but i think it's probably for the best. I really want to get a six pack and down to 8% but I think i'll look very 'small'. thoughts?






Depends on your goals, but right now you look like a skinny kid who really doesn't lift weights. Not hating on you just being honest. More information would be nice like lifts, age, years training, diet, goals, etc.


thanks for the critisism! Seriously appreciate it.


exactly, the pics make me look smaller than I really am but that's besides the point. I am 19 years old, been lifting seriously / counting calories for about a year now.


Deadlift: 405
Squat: 285 now down from 315 (massive hip flexor issues, working on it)
Bench: was at 275 pre cut, now more like 250
ohp: 140

My ultimate goal is purely aesthetics. I want to be ripped. Eventually, after achieving rippedness, I want to see how much weight I can move but that is long down the road. The reason I started was to get a six pack, and I know I will need to do another cycle of bulking /cutting to get the abs i want as I don't have that much (or any) ab mass at my current state.

I am starting lyle's ultimate diet 2.0 today. I want to get down to ~9% and then do a nice long clean bulk.



looks like mid to low 11's.


Agreed, I would put you around 11-12ish.


yeah that's what i've been thinking, thanks for the responses


If you could put up a photo where you hold up a shoe for comparison, it would be a lot easier for us to give you a qualified guess on your BF%


13,29 %

A shoe would help though..


You're at a perfect spot right now to focus on growing. You're lean enough that if you put on a little fat in the process you won't look sloppy. The term "bulk" gets thrown around too much and implies that fat gain is acceptable..while you will put on some, definitely don't chase the standard 1 lb of weight gain per week. Honestly, I think your goals are a little backwards, worrying about being "ripped" and then someday pushing heavy weights. While you should certainly train in a bb'ing style if your goal is aesthetics, don't neglect the big lifts and building a base of strength as a beginner




yea probly around 11 to 12 percent. Your deadlift is extremely impressive for your size!! Id like to see a video of you deadlifting that much cuz the world record at your weight class and age is 550 and 505 raw! you definitely strong for how big you look in your photos.

if you like to be ripped for summer just try to maintain your lifts and add some sprinting in your routine and maybe start walking to the gym and watch your bodyfat drop even if you chow down.


I'm not sure of the high school/junior records for the 165-lb weight class, but there's still a world of difference between 405 lbs and 505 lbs.