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49 yrs old male/into iron for 5yrs,once i couldnt,run or play any sports due to bad knees ,bad hip,fx ankle;so cardio is kind of limited.I have been applying my self to H.I.T.love it ican rest and be somewhat pain free,my goal is to be the best pyhsicaly by age 50.presently 5’11’’ 238 lbs,gut at 38 below the navel :)25" thighs,calves 16"3/4,forearms 14",biceps 17.5,neck 19 ";ige some compliments and they cant believe i work 2x a week,and the down is my gut and this full feeling,iwant to cut please advise

What’s your diet like? Cutting fat is all about diet. The weight training will help keep it off.

I’m in my early 40’s. In 7 months I dropped 30 pounds while my bodyfat improved from 24 percent to 10 percent. Cholesterol and triglyceride levels improved dramatically.

It might not work for you, but here’s what worked for me:

A consistent, controlled-carb diet.
Brief, HIT-style workouts, 3 times per week.
Set a goal and visualize the outcome.
Weigh yourself every day.

As Stuward said, it IS all about diet. A simple way to start is to eliminate foods containing flour or sugar. It’s quite simple really; not necessarily easy.

My favorite resources are the Atkins diet book and anything by Ellington Darden for the workouts.

Best wishes.

Im in the same boat jro1. Im nearly 40, I dropped almost 35 pounds in 5 months just lifting my ass off. I’m about, (not sure since I dont have a real exact way of measuring my BF), 18% now but want to get down to 10% by the end of this summer. I just know its about clean diet, clean diet, clean diet!!

I eat about 85% clean now and deffo get my intake of protein and clean foods, but still just having trouble cutting down more, so I’m getting into researching some HIIT training myself. I’ve laid off any cardio as of late since I just spent the winter just eating and lifting heavy…but starting March, it will be about changing my routine all together and enrolling in some Hi/Low classes for cardio, and keeping my ‘rest-times’ between sets max to 1 minute.

If you, (or anyone else reading this topic), has any new ideas or routines to try concerning HIIT training or shredding techniques, PLEASE post…Ill be watching here!! , (its all about clean diet, clean diet, clean diet!!) :stuck_out_tongue:

… Oh yeah, did I mention …

…Clean diet, clean diet, clean diet…