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Bodyfat Check? 82kg 175cm

Hi I’m new to this forum, I’m a calisthenics beginner and I’ve lost 8-10 kg in 2 months.
I’m wondering what my bodyfat is. I’ve made a video of it.

Congratulations on your weight loss.

Just a heads up: asking for body fat estimates are looked down upon in this forum generally.

But if you ask me you are probably sitting at about 14-17%.

Uncle Bird.


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I am not saying you are entirely wrong, but it’s definitely not below 15%. At 14% we should see some ab definition here. An outline of a 4-pack. Not saying an abs, just some definition. Here it’s still washed out, so I’d say it is closer to 17%, than 14%. However we are all built differently so it can also be 14% with poor genetics (tendency to hold much fat in lower ab - I myself suffer greatly from this and I have to be very lean to have a full 6 pack). Also 82 kg at 175 cm is big. I myself are at similar height and when I was at 84 kg it was the most I’ve ever weighted. That was the moment I decided to drastically cut. I was actively working out then, so I for sure didn’t have much less muscle. And I for sure wasn’t even close to 15% bf. My educated guess would be 18%-20%.

Anyways it shouldn’t really matter. Good joob and keep it up. Congrats!

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The idea of a bodyfat percentage “looking” a certain way is inane, given that no one is equipped with x-ray eyes that can look through the skin and see how much visceral fat someone has between their organs.

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If only some one came up with a more accurate method to estimate it besides visual means! Oh wait a minute :smirk:


I’ve got a pretty accurate test. They send me the money, and I send them back a piece of paper with “it doesn’t matter, no-one cares” on it. 100% accuracy guaranteed.

It’s been a long week, got to get some of the snarky out somehow.


Thank you for all the replies
Ive lost another 3 kg (6lbs?). 79 kg now.
Abs are starting to show

My goal weight is 70-75 kg ripped.

If you’re looking for a bitnof advice and support, can I recommend starting a log on here? I can’t say enough good things about the sense of community in the training logs forum.


I currently weigh 79kg and plan on cutting to 70kg


175cm / 5’9