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bodyfat% and GPP

I’m looking for some sort of GPP or cardio to keep me in shape, but i already have a low body fat percentage, around 8 to 10% so obviously i dont need to burn anymore fat than i have to. Plus i’m also training to gain muscle mass. I’m thinking maybe christians 400 meter sprint program, or sled dragging either with sprints like christian does, or walking like westside. I know i’m going to do one possibly 2 recovery sled dragging sessions a week. But that wont be enough to keep me in the type of shape i want. So i thought maybe either 400 meter sprints or sled dragging for strength once a week like westside since it seems to be good for cardio to. Anybody have any suggestions?

Sounds good to me. Remember that sled drags (walking ala WestSide) is completely different than sled running. I would only recommend the former for increasing your GPP. This would be a good element for weighted GPP. I suggest 2 strength drag workouts weekly. If looking to maximize recovery and GPP, try the 3 day 60% drop rule detailed in Tate’s article in T-mag.

The 400m running program looks rough and is. It will certainly keep you lean while bulking and get you in tremendous shape. This would be considered non-weighted GPP.

Both would be good additions to your training program. You’ll be able to eat more food when increasing your GPP like this. Good luck!

You could also do Some of Davies non-weighted GPP exercises, in between walking with the sled. Sprints with the sled can be brutal and I don’t reccomend doing that often.

Give this a shot 1-2 days of the 400m sprint program. 1-2 days of non weighted GPP Davies style. 2 days of sled draging. Both days drag for about 30 min straight using a bunch of different exercises upper and lower. Try not to stop just keep going switching exercises. Read Daves article for ideas.

A method that works great for me is to:
Get 3 plates on the sled
Drag 200-300 feet take a plate off
Drag 200-300 feet take a plate off
With one plate on the sled do 1-2 trips
Now add a plate and go 200-300 feet
Add another plate and go 200-300 feet and start over.
Try this for 20-30 min.

Anyone else have any other sugestions? I love this type of training!

I really only have time for one cardio or GPP session a week. I can fit in a couple of recover sessions after my weight workouts. But I work thursday through saturday and i go to school monday, wednesday and friday. So i dont really have much time but for 1 session a week. Cause my leg workout is on tuesday and it is my most free day of the week (which is why i have legs on this day) and i dont think it would be good to do the strength dragging or 400 meters sprints after a leg workout. But i will probably do a recovery sled dragging session after my leg workout anyway. So i have wednesday set aside as my only day for 400 meter sprints or sled dragging? So So which do you suggest? And does the 60% empircal rule apply to strength dragging sessions or just recovery? Thanks