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??????Bodybuilidngs #1 supplement????

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Am I hearing this straight, glutamine is a scam!!! All I ever read was how this raises growth hormone levels, and should be your number one supplement. The mags have been saying this for 2-3 years!!! What the f@#$!!! If this is true what else sucks?? GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK, OPINIONS, INFO, ETC. fellas!! Yo

I feel your pain man. I too have blown lots of dough on this “essential” supplement for years.

Let’s hear it on BCAAs.

I’ve always seen great gains when supplementing with both BCAA’s and glutamine… but apparently it’s only because of the BCAA’s. Next time, I’ll drop the glutamine while supping with BCAA’s to see if I do as well.

Yeah, I’m not surprised though. I have been using glutamine for a while too. I always thought in the back of my head that it wasn’t necessary if I was already ingesting 100-200 grams of protein daily, but I guess that’s the power of advertising huh? I don’t think it’s really anything to ‘freak out’ about though. If you’ve been buying supplements for a while, you know by now that it’s sort of a hit or miss deal. Some things look good on paper, and so they are marketed as useful supplements. Glutamine DID look good, it made sense. In fact, I’ll bet that if one is overtrained, it may help in recovery. But hey, AT LEAST supplement companies are trying to use scientific studies to validate their products, even if they don’t turn up to be useful. Remember the days of glandular extracts and liver tablets and deer antler and all that shit?

While I will agree that it is rather overrated, I have to say that it’s worked well for me in lieu of post-workout carbs (25-50 g.) but I have to admit that had I not gotten a bargain on a 500 g. bottle (had some at the GNC about to expire for 9.99-Twinlab), I never would’ve shelled out full retail to take these ungodly doses. I’m on the Poliquin-style diet and it’s working unbelivably well. Just started Meltdown I last week and workouts are phenomenal.

No shit, I still have a 1000 g new container left. I always used it in my PWO drinks, I dont know what am I gonna do with that stuff now…what a waste.

Easy there fellas, one article posted against glutamine and now it stinks? In any field of research one can find articles for and against anything (eg Protective effects of small amounts of alcohol) If you have found it useful in the past, maybe you should write an article with some different references.

the way i see it, if the intestine is using up most of it, then the rest is free to roam the blood and be absorbed by the hungry muscle cells. that’s why people use it during workout shakes. This article fails to talk about any synegies that glutamine might have with other stuff. It seemed like they were isolating glutamine in different situations. Maybe doing a study on the affect of glutamine in a Surge type product. would its inclusion or ommision help then or not. that is the key. laters pk

I agree it needs to be addressed more. I wonder what biotest/Tim petterson is going to decide about Surge, since its one of the expensive amino in there.