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Bodybuildings New Frontier


im starting this in a few days after i come back from my injury, my goal is go gain muscle mass which in result a lil of my bodyfat will go down. I want to gain a lot with it, what should my diet be like??

and can i replace some back squats with overhead db squats because i have no squat rack??


You want to gain alot of mass but your expecting your Bf to go down?


i want to gain muscle, that is my goal. I dont want to gain fat.


Well unless your a complete beginner your not going to gain ALOT(I didn't say any) lean body mass without putting on a little bodyfat. To really put on mass you gotta eat alot or be in a caloric surplus. This is where your above your average maitenance level for calories.Simply put if ya wanna be big ya gotta eat big.With that is going to come with a little bit of fat gain.


If you are willing to put in the amount of time this program takes, I suggest you take a while and read "Tailer Made Nutrition" by our very own John Berardi.

I believe that with that precise diet, you can manipulate your mass diet to become mostly mostly and minimize fat gains. The idea that you have to be in a 1000+ calorie surplus is getting outdated and you can see similar results with a smaller surplus. The Tailor Made plan shows you how to tweak everything so you can get really exact.