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Bodybuilding's Biggest Decade


I've been following bodybuilding for many years, and can't help but notice that the greatest advancements took place between the late 1960's & late 1970's. Steroid pharmacology had come a long way.Bodies changed dramatically in 10-years.We're due for another boom soon. You'll soon see 350lb bodybuilders competing on stage


God, I hope not. It's becoming too unhealthy in my opinion.


Lets hope for a move towards a more natural look, and maybe people with waistlines. The super-drugged-up look is not only freakish, it's can't be healthy... what an awesome job, get as HUGE as pharmacologically possible and then die at 45 from having to support 300 pounds of mass.

Granted my physique will never be close to that huge, I think it's just rediculous where the sport has gone.

Although if they could make something that'd safely make me a little taller, that'd be cool.


Every short man's dream.


Perhaps genetic modification will be the next big thing? It's really a tad scary to think about being able to change anything about your body by manipulating your genes. Although it could bring on the next general of penis enlargement! In that case, maybe it would be so bad...