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Bodybuilding Workouts


Hi Movers and Shakers

Seems like the current trend nowadays is low reps high weight.

Does anybody train like "gasp" bodybuilders.Mostly when i mean bodybuilders im talking like the muscle rag's reccomend 3 sets 10 for 4 diff exercises.
If anybody does train like this do u experience any gains? Or is everybody finding low reps high weigh eg- 10 x 3 is the new and faster way to maximum muscles.




I think if you compiled all the latest research and practical knowledge about building strength and mass you would find one common theme:


High reps low weight, low reps high weight, long rests, shoret rests, compounds, isolations, free weights, machines, explosive, slow...it all has it's role in a well planned training year. There's no BEST program, and if there was, it would only work for so long.


They all work and should be in the tool box and used at times. The BIG thing about the 10x3 is gthe newness (relatively) to everyone.

The beating down of the dogma of 3-4 sets 8-10. Yes that is still effective and should nopt be dismissed.


I'm using the Westside method, so I train with both heavy weights and low reps and moderate weights for 8-15 reps.

I've noticed increased size and strength in all bodyparts.

Use both methods in your training.


Ditto the above responses but I would like to point out that 10x3 high sets, low reps, but not really heavy weight. I think Waterbury's routines call for for 80% with 10x3, which is probably a little heavier than what you would use for 3x10 (~75%), but not much.