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Bodybuilding With the Universal Gym?

Do you think anyone who wants to get into bodybuilding should buy a universal gym? I have a friend who is considering it, but I suggested getting a bench, barbell, etc. That being said, the friend will be sharing it with a girl. BTW it’s a BOWFLEX they were considering buying…again, girl and guy would be sharing it.

Your “friend” would do A LOT better learning how to train with his own bodyweight (and maybe a chinning bar) than he would flushing his money down the toilet on a piece of junk.

Once “he’s” ready to train seriously with weights, he can start building a home gym or search out the right place to train.

Seriously, if this isn’t you and really is a friend of yours, at least direct him to this forum where in a few minutes he can read a lot about the subject, as it’s been covered several times that I can remember. A few minutes of digging on the internet is well worth it if someone is considering a purchase of that magnitude.

I would advice against the bowflex…Powertec makes a sort of universal gym that is like 7 hammerstrength machines combined into one apparatus. It retails for about $900 US and is well built. I would go with that over the bowflex. You can get them at most large sporting goods stores.


I swear it’s not me. :stuck_out_tongue: I already have a gym membership and I would never spend that kind of money on a universal gym. I’d spend it on a power rack and weights. I suggested that, but the girl will be using it a lot too and I wonder if she might be better off with the universal gym.