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Bodybuilding with Shoulder Replacement?

Is it possible to lift with shoulder replaced?

Recently I had a glenoid injury after a BMX crash, got a labrum repair but the shoulder is starting to develop arthritis. So I’ll need a shoulder replacement in the future.

I used to compete in Men’s Physique, after this injury I lost 44lbs, got into severe depression but reading and listening to Alan Watts gave me another perspective of life so the depression is going away.
Almost 1 year post op now and the only chest exercises I can do without pain is dips and neutral grip push ups. No shoulder exercises at all with more than 5lbs.

I know that the arthritis will make it worst at some point, but I’m not certain that a replaced ball and socket will tolerate much.

Anyone here had this kind of surgery? what exercises with how much weight you can do it without pain?

Well they can go in and remove the bone spurs which can impinge on the tendons, etc.

I’ve had both RC repaired and I’m back in the gym hitting it hard. I think a good ortho can clean up your shoulder joints pretty good without complete replacement. They can grind down the acromion, get rid of bone spurs, tie down tendons, etc.

Did you have a good PT treat you post surgery? I my opinion, that can make a huge difference in your return to the gym.

Hey studhammer
Yes I had PT for 6 months, I’m doing it home now but no improvement since 5 months.
The problem is that bone spurs remove is just a temporary solution, when I workout more spurs wil develop, the glenoid will shorten at that point and only a new socket will maintain stability according to the doctor.