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Bodybuilding vs Strength Training


Can the members of T-Nation explain the difference between Bodybuilding and Strength Training for a new jack like me? Thanks.


Generally rep ranges, but you need to get stronger on specific rep ranges to get bigger. Strength training the focus is your 1 rep max.


Yeah. technique is going to be different too.

In BB'ing you are looking to stimulate a particular muscle or muscles, where in strength training your looking to move the heaviest weight possible from point A to point B, under agreed upon conditions.

So in BB'ing, partials and shit are fine if they make you grow. But in strength training full range of motion and execution are going to be of utmost importance.


I think it would be fair to say you need time to fit both into your training arsenal at some point either over many cycles or shorter periods.


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I notice in the chart posted above that the main goal for bodybuilders are aesthetics and the main goal for powerlifters are function. Aesthetically speaking, is there a big difference between bodybuilders and those who train for function?


there is no such dichtonomy

the 'function' of a bodybuilder is to come as close as possible to a certain ideal (ideal meaning whatever the judges of that perdiod decide to be ideal) and the function of a powerlifter is to take as much weight as possible thought certain movements

before gear and commercialization ruined everything, those two were identical anyways