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Bodybuilding vs O-Squat


Someone please explain to me the difference between an olympic stance squat and a bodybuilding stance squat.

Appreciate it guys(and girls)!!


I believe it's mainly in the stance. Power and Oly lifters use a wider stance which allows more of the posterior chain and hip flexors to assist. BBers stand with feet closer to build their quads.


1.) Bodybuilding squat: close stance, feet forward, bar on traps, go as low as you can tolerate while keeping heels on ground (some will opt to elevate heel with plates)

2.) Olympic squats: medium stance, toes pointed out, bar on traps, ass to calves.

3.) Powerlifting squat: wider stance, toes out, bar as low as tolerable, top of hip joint below top of knee



Olympic Squat: Feet shoulder width. high bar. ass to grass. Weight a little heavier than the lifter's max clean. Performed up to 3 times a week.

Powerlifting Squat: Feet wider than shoulder width. low bar. top crease of the hip joint lower than the top of the knee. Weights as heavy as humanly possible. Performed to max effort(one way or another) once a week.

Bodybuilding squat: Colorful spandex pants. staring in a mirror. about six inches higher than parallel. once every week with whatever weight impresses the crowd of 14 yr old boys(anything over 225). Followed by a 10 minute bicep posing routine.


HAH! I concur.

No, really there isn't much difference. Both are high bar, closer stance, deep squats. Most bigger guys do take a wider stance on Oly squats, but that's just so the little extra gut doesn't get in the way.

The real difference is in loading, frequency, reps per set, explosiveness, etc.



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Otherwise, you almost made me spit my eggs on the monitor. Thanks



(Sigh!) I guess I walked right into that one!

Seriously, though, thanks for clearing that up for me everyone.


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I get teased by my team mates too.

I'm still learning about squats but the sitting position between a close stance and a much wider stance feels different in technique. Clarence Bass has an excellent picture doing Oly squats. Just google him.


yeah that sounds like ronnie coleman squatting to me...