Bodybuilding Version Still Current Jim?

Hi Jim

Is the “bodybuilding” version of 531, still recommended as current, or would you make any changes to it since it was published?


Honestly I have zero interest in bodybuilding. Never have and probably never will - all effort and people I work with want to be faster/stronger/more explosive. So I guess it’s as current as I ever care for it to be. Hell, I just had a guy I train, using a BBB variation squat go from 255x8 to 285x15. Much more impressive to me.

I really enjoyed the 5/3/1 Bodybuilding template when I ran it and I plan to run it again. I actually gained more muscle on the BBB 3 month challenge than ive gained on most bodybuilding programs. I have been training since I was 13 and I am 28 now so thats a lot of programs lol