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My name is Nick Wright, I am an INBF, OCB, NPC Natural Teen Bodybuilder. I have been competing since I was 15, and just won my 5th show. I had a very successful 2009 year, with 3 Teen wins, plus a close 2nd place in the Mens division of the largest Natural Show on the East Coast: 2009 INBF Monster Mash (NorthEast Classic). I got some photo shoots, and a DVD shoot in, and am talking to Revolutionary Nutrition at the moment, so all is going well.

I just wanted to drop a post to let you all know, there is a Youtube Channel, dedicated 100% to bodybuilding! Too many bodybuilders just post video after video of muscle worship, or flexing. Posing updates are of course a necessity in this sport, but my channel has WEEKLY updates of Nutrtion, Training, and even the pre-contest life style, aimed to HELP the viewers out, AND entertain…

*This channel already includes the popular “Eating Big” series, bringing everyone through an entire day of meals with a full time job, and a bussy schedule.

*Check out the “Final Countdown” playlist, where you can check out how to train, eat, prep, and tan weeks, and DAYS out from a show, plus plenty of stage footage.

I am now sighned under the “Youtube Partnership Program” where these videos generate revenue from Youtube and Google. This channel is HUGE, and is growing by the DAY.
I am all about getting this sport into the mainstream, and always interact, and update, helping as many people as I can, find their way into this lifestyle, and improve in the sport of Bodybuilding!

Check it out guys, and subscribe now so you don’t miss detailed training videso, updated nutrition, and a whole lot more as I get ready for the 2010 NPC Teen Nationals.

Thanks to all, for your time.

Natural Teen Bodybuilder
-Nick Wright.

Sweet! I will definitely check this out. I’m a fellow Rhode Islander also…good luck with everyhing!

There’s a show on local cable TV called Daily Mass, unfortunately it’s not about bodybuilding, but rather it’s just some people that are dressed up funny reading fairy tales from a big book.