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Bodybuilding Transformation 16-24 Years Old



Watched the whole thing lol

Those are some good gains. If you’ve been lifting for like 7-8 years what’s next? Are you going to do a cycle now or ever? On the forum lots of people say to wait until we’re > 25


Thanks man! I’ve considered it, for years now, but TBH, I still can make plenty of gains. I’ve been lifting for 7.5 years now, but mostly on and off. I think I could’ve achieved the same thing in 3-4 years tops had I been consistent and had good knownledge from the start.

Right now I’m bulking to either 200 lbs or 220 lbs (sitting at around 185-190 right now) naturally and see where to go from there.


Very impressive video dude… Keep it up…and keep motivating everyone… :wink:


Good stuff. Don’t take my word as law, but I’d say that you’ve still got plenty to go before you need to worry about PEDs being necessary.

Lotta respect getting up there for that first show. I remember how I felt at my first one and damn if I didn’t feel like I had all but wasted away to nothing during that trial by fire of a prep.



Awesome dude, nice work!


Thanks man! I didnt realize how much I had progressed until I actually digged up all those vids/pictures and put them side by side.


Thanks man! You’re actually one of my favorite posters in this forum, back when I used to lurk it a long time ago. So you replying to my thread means alot, thanks!

Yeah I think I can progress much further, even natural. I’ve considered taking them for a couple of years now, but every time I decide to cut to a reasonable bf% to start a cycle, I end up discovering that I can still make so much progress natty, that I end up not doing it at all. I wonder if I’ll end up not ever using anything because of that thought process.

Yeah, especially going up against people who outweighed me on stage by 20-30 lbs at least in my class. It wasn’t a tested show, so I couldnt expect anything else hahaha. I still felt like shit though, and despite being a good learning experience, I vowed to myself to not step a foot on stage again once I’m much more developed, both physically and mentally


Thanks, hopefully I’ve still got plenty to go!


Nice work bud! A realistic portrayal at what a young natural bodybuilder/lifter can achieve, with consistent training.
Are you doing much reps out of the 1-5 range? Low rep strength work is important, but when you want to add muscle higher rep work, 8-15 really puts on the mass for most guys.
That being said you are doing well, with what you are doing at the moment. Keep up the good work regardless.


Thanks man! I pretty much do heavy work with main lifts, compound exercises, then move onto higher rep, isolation work. Powerbuilding style pretty much


Watched your video. Great job on the strength gains as well!


IMO as long as you can make honest, and decent improvements each time you step up, it’s a win. I started competing already in my 30’s, so being a few lbs heavier each year (with better conditioning) was huge when you step outside of the exaggerated claims and expectations some folks have.



Yeah true. Well, I’m still in “off season” right now, getting more size gains, along with strength. Might try out competing in powerlifting this year


Thanks. As of now, I’m actually blowing the lifts that I showed in the video apart, so I might make a vid in a few months solely with the strength gains that I made


Brilliant work, and think how much you’ve learned about Training & perseverance in the last 7 years.

Personally I’d stay natural & be one of the rare few who are. So many people can get to 210 lean & deadlift 600 with PEDs, but very few are patient enough to do it naturally.

I’ve a friend who’s been bodybuilding naturally for 22 years now & he’s still making gains. He was very skinny when he started & now has a better physique than most. What’s more, you know when he’s 70 he’ll still be strong & badass.


Thanks man! I still feel like I’ve got alot to go before I ever consider PEDs. I want to try and pull 300 kg (660 lbs) naturally for example, let’s see how that one goes.


Nice progress man. I started at around 55 kg too just like you except I was 1-2 inches taller but with better muscle definition. So your progress is very impressive. How much calories are you eating per day? I am currently maintaining at a little over 3500, I assume your number will be similar considering how similar our body types are.


That’s an awesome piece of information.Thanks man!