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Only been training 2 weeks (ahem) but i must say its pretty damn enjoyable !

Especially going in and trying to get your weights higher than last time so you feel quite good when you beat it..... and as a beginner i hope to beat it for a LONG time :stuck_out_tongue:

Look forward to someday lifting what some people here lift, i got VERY lucky i think in that Modok and Cephalic took pity on me LOL and helped me out with a program and nutrition so i managed to dive straight off the deep end into a 6 day week program !

And i got the gain/lose weight debacle out of the way straight away ! I had a cascade of people tell me to just eat more so i followed that advise im up 2 lbs over 4 days from 187-189 Not something to write home about but it's a start :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously i won't be posting here much as i have pretty much no knowledge other than what the above 2 kind guys tell me but this is just a thanks to those 2 guys and to T-Nation for this site ! Wish you all good training and more muscle :stuck_out_tongue:

Log is here:

And by the way High Rep Deadlifts are THE hardest thing i have ever done excercise wise closely followed by high rep Squats !!!!


Stick to it. Consider yourself extremely lucky that you have knowledgeable guys guiding you right from the get-go. There's people here who have been training for years who don't look like they lift. I'll be following your log.


Ya i think i have said thanks in every single PM i have sent to Modok i'm trying to lay off annoying them as much as possible LOL just keeping it nice and simple !

If i was training for years without looking like it i doubt i'd have much motivation to continue!

But as im at the very start i have tonnes of motivation :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck man, if those two are guiding you, then definitely listen to them and don't get distracted by all the fancy articles and training methods constantly bombarding you (on the net, in muscle rags, etc...). :slightly_smiling:


No hope lol i wouldn't know what to do with them !

This 6 day a week program runs for 18 weeks in a row so thats a LONG time after i finish ill just keep restarting it. That way i won't waste anytime !

Plus after 18 weeks if i don't look pretty damn different i'll be well pissed off at myself nevermind anyone else LOL


Welcome onboard. I agree, high volume rack pulls are a personal favorite.


What area do Rack Pulls fall into ?

Back or Thigh's ?


They are all back.


Ah ok i have Deadlifts on my Leg Day so didn't know if also fall into it.