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Bodybuilding to Manly Hood


Started Texas Method
8 week until testing new maxs
Current: Bench 205-Deadlift 375-Squat 275
Goals: Bench 225-Deadlift 405- Squat 315 ATG MAW-****AS!


Workout A: Mon Volume
Squats 5x5- 225
Bench press 5x5- 165
Chin Ups 5x5

Workout B: Wed Recovery
Squats 3x5-185
Press 3x5- 95
Dead lift 1x5-315

Workout A: Fri
Squats- 275x1
Bench press 205x1
Power clean 5x5 135

Note: Is it bad to put the dead lifts on wednesday instead of monday? Please tell me if I should not be doing that anyways open to all criticism thanks!


You can deadlift on Wednesday. I tried pulling on Monday when I ran the TM, and it made for an absolutely hellacious workout. When I switched them to Wednesday it didn't hamper my recovery and I felt stronger while doing them.


Thanks man! Its deadlift day today!


Felt good today popped 3 caffeine pills still on week one day B now.
Workout B: Wed Recovery
Squats 3x5-185 ( easy to squat but slight twist)
Press 3x5- 95
Dead lift 1x5-315 (easy 5)
Gym owner is a cock block and doesnt allow chalk usually i sneak it but today he was eye fucking me. Next week goal is 365
Anyone have suggestions on the twist in my squat I was only using 80% of my 5rm! :frowning:


Also I want to compete in spring. Is squatting ATG good? or should i practice just going to parallel ?


Are you jumping from 315 to 365? You should really only add about 10 lbs. per week. If you make small jumps you will be stronger in the long run. Don't be in a hurry to stall your gains.

You would definitely be able to lift more if you used a parallel, PL style squat. That being said, an ATG squat obviously won't get red lighted for depth. Do what you want to do, man. Have fun.


if you want to compete, practise and train the lifts like they would be done in comp - a sprinter wouldnt train the 1000m would he. im not saying dont squat atg, but it isnt nessercary in comp. neither is correctly spelling nescercary


Why would you want to go parallel? Most feds have a rule of hip joint to past the top of the knee.
Caveman has it right. Do you have anyone to help you?



I was used to a high volume BB routine so my first week of this program Im going a big lighter, 365 is my real 5rm then ill work from there