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Bodybuilding Tattoo


Does anyone have any weight lifting / body building tattoos? Something like the Golds gym symbol or a barbell or anything like that.


A powerlifter I know(he is a children's instructor at the dojo I train at) has a mouse deadlifting a bent bar with a bunch of plates on each end; it's a mighty mouse thing cause he's a very short Filipino.


I don't like to admit this very often, but I have a curves fitness tattoo. People usually make fun of it because now it's a women's gym, but they don't know what it was like when I was a member.


Yes i have a Tazz in a double biceps pose i got it 15 years back


You're right...I'm laughing too.


Damn, I think I broke something.


It seemed like a good idea at the time.


and now?


My take on the whole tattoo thing...some people think it has to be meaningful and be an all powerful factor in your life becuase tats are for life and all...I think the exact oposite. I think tats, of which I have many, shouldn't mean anything...What I mean is you might not be into powerlifting 50 years from now, (hard to believe I know) and the tat may be silly by then...Just my 2 cents that no one really asked for...


Professor X: It's because of people like you that I walk around hiding my fine piece of ink-ark beneath layers of dark clothes. Your comments in regards to my tattoo were unprovoked, callous, and completely unnecessary. I spent a good portion of this hour in utter depression - my dog and a jar of peanut butter finally brought me out it.

Okay, okay...joke's over.

I really don't have a Curves Fitness tattoo. I doubt if it's ever been a hardcore gym, and if it had been I wouldn't have known about it - I'm only 19. I apologize profusely for any confusion (or broken items) I may have caused.

To the original poster: Why such a bizarre question?




Ya, somehow "CURVES" Fitness for men, just didn't fit.

\|/ 3Toes


Uhhh....then why get the tattoo?


Probably just because he likes being covered in ink. Tattoos are addictive.

\|/ 3Toes


"To the original poster: Why such a bizarre question?"

I saw a tattoo on a guy at the gym and thought it was good for a lifter, it was a barbell with a bunch of weight bending it. Just wondering if anyone else out there had anything like it.


It only looks decent if you look like a serious weight lifter or bodybuilder. If no one can tell you lift seriously, you would come across like a wannabe.


Unless you got it inked on your ass. That way no one but your boyfriend will see it. Yeah - I said boyfriend. It's a gay tattoo.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


There's no way I would ever get a tattoo simply because I saw someone else with one. In fact, that would ensure that I would NEVER get that tattoo.


A friend of mine has the Olympic rings on his leg (he competed in the Olympic trials for weightlifting) and a tat of a lifter with the weights pressed over his head (finish of snatch or clean&jerk).

On my back (see avatar), I have a tribal sun with a Hawaiian petroglyph (cave drawing found on the Islands of Hawaii). The tattoo that I have inked is of a "muscle figure."


Hell yeah they are...I think they put something in the ink.


I wonder what this would look like if the guy gained some size in his arm...