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Bodybuilding Supplement Suggestions?


Hello mate,

Greetings to all! Hope you are doing great so far? I would like to get some supplements for body building. I am new into this community. And also new to body building as well. I don’t have much more idea which should I buy and where to go. Please let me know if you know.

Thank you so much. I will wait for your further reply. :slight_smile:


Food. More food. Even even more food. That and obviously biotest products since you are on their site.


Protien shake an hour prior to workout. Have one post workout followed shortly after by a good meal. my 2 cents;-)


Of course, the answer is always going to be food. However, you didn’t come in here asking about nutrition… you’re asking for supplement suggestions.

A little bit more information about your goals, would be helpful.
Are you looking to add size, doing this for strength or trying to lose fat?
How much do you weigh and how many calories in a day are you getting in?


Like they’ve said so far, we need a lot more detail about exactly what you’re looking to do. What’s your height, current weight, general bodyfat? What’s your specific goal?

The most basic place to start is a protein-carb drink when you train. This article explains why. Start with that, plus good food, plus a good training plan.

In the week since your last thread, how many workouts have you done and what did you do in them?


No link @Chris_Colucci.


The links I posted? They seem to work for me.


Sorry, was on my phone and they weren’t highlighted - on my desk top now and they are highlighted.

Welcome to amateur Hour, lol.


Thank you! But I would like to know water can help somehow?


Thank you all of you guys for your decent replies. And the link you posted is helpful. However, I was looking for your suggestions about good body building supplements. However, I did a general search using my desired keywords. I found many supplements that fit my criteria. I visited them one by one. Some of them are really good and inspired me to buy muscle supplements.


Well u failed.to answer some basic questions about your stats n goals.

If ur basic nutrion is not good u don’t need supplements. Some say u don’t need at all.

If ur periworkout.nutrition is not good u don’t need supplements

I don’t consider protein a supplment. Its liquid food.

Your new.to bodybuilding. Stick with a good nutritional foundation first n foremost