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Right, here’s the problem. I’m currently pretty skinny (180lbs at 6’3", about 12% bf) and I want to bulk up. I’m using a bodybuilding regime which I enjoy, and to be honest looks and size are important to me so I’ll be wanting to keep doing what I’m doing. I would like to do some sport or activity along with my bodybuilding to keep some variety and also some competition in what I’m doing. Just wondering what sports (or martial arts) go well with this sort of training? I’m not looking to do anything at elite level, but it would be good if the size and strength could be used for something.

Near me I have load of martial art clubs, including bjj, shootfighting, boxing and freestyle wrestling, and a few sports clubs such as basketball, water polo (I used to swim at a pretty high level) and rugby. I’d like to do some combat sport training but frankly I’m not a naturally aggressive person.

Any thoughts?

why are you asking other people what YOU would like to do???

Yeah, PL, Oly lifting or Strongman. Any of the strength sports.

rugby all the way.

you could be the most jacked bowler ever

[quote]masonator wrote:
why are you asking other people what YOU would like to do???[/quote]

Yeah OK I asked for that! I guess what I mean is what sports or MA suit a bodybuilding style approach? Obviously a sport-specific regime would be of the most benefit to any sport, but as I don’t expect to set the world on fire I want to match a sport to the style of training I enjoy and my physique goals.

As a general rule, most contact sports (muay thai/kyokushin/MMA/boxing/etc) are based more on technique and cardio/endurance than brute force.
That being said, sports like wrestling or football/rugby are more anaerobic than let’s say muay thai or kyokushin and would probably “suit you more” since they tend to focus more on size and power.

Take what i say with a grain of salt though, since i only really practice kyokyshin and i don’t know much on wrestling and football/rugby, etc

[quote]gi2eg wrote:
you could be the most jacked bowler ever[/quote]

Or most jacked ping-pong master.