Bodybuilding Songs

I was rambling about this thing on this fine afternoon.

Do you know any music dedicated specially to bodybuilding? and i don’t songs that you use to psych yourself for your training session. The only one i can remember easily is this one from a Brazilian rapper called MAG

well, the lyrics are pretty much douchy like:

Wanna take steroids? just inject it, i don’t guarantee it will work it.

Deca, Durateston and testex are the magic formula to get you more sexy, Winstrol gets you ripped.

All the homies are already huge, 20 inches arms my body is like steel.

And goes like this, lame, but the closest thing i got.

I liked this tribute to Ronnie too, unfornately is not a song per se.

Seems to me like it would end up being preeeeetty gay

doesn’t matter! share it!

Fuckin raaaaaaaaaaaa now we’re talkin!

“safety dance” men with hats

Aware? Clearly no miscers here.

has Nautilus machines in the video!

[quote]HoustonGuy wrote:
“safety dance” men with hats[/quote]

I love that band. (seriously) It’s Men WITHOUT Hats.