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Bodybuilding Shows This Summer?

Does anyone out there know of any ameteur bodybuilding shows in the next six months. I’d prefer NJ but I’m willing to travel a little bit. I’m a natural too but I’m really not too concerned about the show being natural.

Thanks guys.


I’m not sure of the order of these, Bev Francis Atlantic States, it’s a huge show on the east coast, if you’re drug-free, be warned. If you’re geneticlly gifted, then you can probably do well in the novice. The Natural Ohio is on April 2nd in Lakewood, Northern Kentucky on March 19. Can’t really think of any summer shows on the east coast, I live in the Midwest, so were clueless over here, I would go to http://www.npcnewsonline.com they have complete listings there.
Jon H.