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Bodybuilding shows on TLC channel

Last weekend The Learning Channel showed a bodybuilding documentary, followed by a one hour Arnold special surrounding last year’s Arnold Classic. I missed it, and am looking for anyone who taped it and will help me out. My buddy saw 'em and said they were terrific.

I just caught the last 5 minutes of the bodybuilding special. I am hoping to catch a repeat of the show!

I was lucky enough to see it,but did not tape it.damn. it was ok.basically documented the fitness girls and bodybuilders prep and what they did at a contest.mostly flex wheeler and the fitness winner.forgot her name.they even talked about roids,a little bit.
the arnold special was cool

Sorry dude, I only saw the last part of the show, and it did seem cool. But, I visited the Learning channel online at www.tlc.com, and got a number you could call, maybe they can hook you up with a copy? Or maybe they’ll air it again. The schedule said it was only on Dec.1. Anyhow, the number is 1-888-404-5969, and the name of the show was ‘The Greatest Bodies’. Hope that helps a little…