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Bodybuilding Saved My Life Honestly

First post…going to try to not make this a super long , and definitely don’t want to turn it into a pity story… just want to share a pretty cool transformation and show you guys how bodybuilding/weightlifting in general is pretty much the reason i’m alive and well today.

I’m 18 years old, just graduated from high school last summer… All my life growing up I was pretty overweight and my brother was always super skinny and could eat whatever he wanted and i envied him. I definitely wasn’t a sensitive kid, just extremely self conscious and when i got to high school I was about at my heaviest, (don’t know exact weight) and my friends started to make fun of me and talk about how fat i got over the past couple years. Bugged me so much that i decided to take action and start running and restricting my calories in order to lose weight. Well the more i cut my calories the more i lost weight and i loved it because i had literally never been skinny before in my life. Well it got so bad to the point where i was eating less than 500 calories a day some days and still running 2-3 miles a day. dropped down to about 116 pounds at 5’11, depressed, starving, ended up being admitted to the hospital, doctors said they were extremely worried about my heart and that if i didn’t eat it could fail.

fast forward a couple months later after eating a little more and being taken out of the hospital, my brothers friend who was a pretty muscular kid came over and put on pumping iron on my tv, fell in love and started going to the gym the next day. and basically how i ended up here. been about 3.5 years since i was in the hospital, gained about 60-70 lbs…not going to say it was all muscle and definitely know I’m not the biggest kid, just happy to be alive


Only one word for your story, man… outfuckingstanding.

Very awesome to hear you literally got your life back on track by hitting the gym. If you have questions about what to do from here on out, don’t hesitate to toss them up in the forum.


Absolutely awesome! Keep up the good work man, and as Chris said be sure to post any questions!

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Right on! Nice work.

Great sucess story! Way to overcome it. Keep up the good work!

Thank you everybody for the kind words

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I love hearing this. I have seen a lot of downhill spirals. Seeing yours going the right way. I just love it. Keep us in the loop. I’m happy for you

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awesome work man. Great to hear your story.