Bodybuilding research

Hey people, I was wondering if anyone knew who in the private sector is doing research on bodybuilding stuff. Specifically I was wondering if anyone is researching the genetics of it. For that matter it would be cool if someone could point me towards any research stuff involving genetics and muscles. I am an aspiring gene jockey and would like to try and link it with muscle physiology at least and maybe even with bodybuilding. thanks everyone.

Don’t think anything like this exists. Bodybuilding is not mainstream, so there’s really no reason for any such research. You could start it though.

In your search for the truth Dr. Banner you may want to start with the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition at, Just a start, you may find a link you like. You know, people like you make it easy for people like me to get big off the juice. Keep the research comin’! And if you come up with the gama treatment that will pump me up like the Hulk, send me an e-mail…