Bodybuilding Recipes Wanted!

Have a favorite bodybuilding food recipe? Let’s try to get a decent list going.

My contibution:

Egg & Beef Burritos:
A spin on the egg white burritos you may have read about in one of the Berardi’s articles.

Hard boil a dozen eggs, discard the yolks, and chop the whites into small pices. Save 'em, you’ll need them in a few minutes. Pan fry a pound (or more) of extra-lean ground beef. Season as you wish. Add a cup of salsa, a cup of chopped spinach, and a half-cup of chopped onions in for the last 5 minutes. Add in the egg whites for the last minute or so.

That’s it for the filling. There are a number of good high-fiber whole wheat tortillas on the market…pick your favorite and go with it.

Makes 4-8 servings, depending on the protein:carb ratio you want.


Get a nice rack of ribs (I like pork the best, beef is good also, lamb can be a little strongly flavoured). Don’t like spare ribs as they are cut to leave on a lot of fat. Racks are relatively lean.

Put ribs in a baking tray.

Pour over sauce of your choice. I like something sweet like plum sauce. Could alss add brown sugar at this stage but IMHO this is a little excessive. You should be able to find pre made sauces (all sorts) at most supermarkets.

Let sit for a while, a couple of hours (optional).

Heat oven to just 100 degrees C.

Put ribs in and cook from between 4 and 6 hours.

Baste with original sauce. Maybe every 2 hours but it does not really matter.

Remove ribs and store.

To serve heat up in 200 degree C oven for just under 10 minutes.

I like a green salad or steamed green beans or spinach as a side dish. Fresh lemon juice in the dressing really goes well with the ribs.

The great thing is that you can cook them in advance and then just heat them up and serve them. Can even have them cold. Best to cook them in bulk amounts and them consume them as needed. Store the rest in the fridge. Storing them for a few days actually increases the flavour of the ribs and the sauce.


Generously spread fat free cream cheese on a 10 in low carb tortilla. Sprinkle on fat free cheddar. Add some turkey slices. Add one green onion on one side. Roll up tightly. Slice into .5 inch slices and enjoy.

Fat free cream cheese is LOADED with protein.