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Bodybuilding Program

Hi guys,

I’m new here, I’ve read some articles and topics in the forum, but never post anything.
I’ve decided to post now, because I’ve started the bodybuilding program of C. Thibudeau, and I have some questiion which answers I haven’t found.

The most important question I have is about intensity and rest in the neural phase, the first one I’m doing now, I’m resting about 2min right now, and I’m almosty achieving failure in all of them except the exercises with 7,5,3 reps, which I consider strengh and do like 3s eccentric, fast concentric.

Could you please help me? thanks =)

PD: is there any post, which I haven’t found, where I can find some explanations. For exampl about some of the exercises and specific technics… like position fo the hands in rows, etc.

firstly its C. Thibaudeau, not Thibudeau lol.

second, can you outline the program you’re on as CT has many programs each with more variations than i’ve had hot dinners!.. plus your goals, experience level etc…