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Bodybuilding Potential?


oh hi Im 25 years of age, 183 lbs and 5'11. Ive been lifting for 1 year now and Im wondering if I should take up bodybuilding. Go hard


another pic


pls excuse the novice poses


this was a few months ago


You definitely have a solid, balanced physique, BUT, you definitely need to add more size all around if you have aspirations of being on a bodybuilding stage. Let me give you some statistics to give a good idea of how you stack up. The best thing I ever did before donning posing briefs was get an idea of heights and 'contest weights' of successful competitors.

You're 5'11, and currently ~183 lbs. You're lean, but not contest lean (which is basically stupidly-lean -lol)
I'm 5'8, and at my last contest weighed in at 178, probably walking onstage at about 180. At my first contest though, I only weighed in at 170 lbs, shredded to shit, but admittedly still needing work.

I've usually competed as a "Middleweight", which ranges from 160 - 176 lbs. Remember though, these weights are after dropping bodyfat levels until they're easily around low-mid single-digit ranges. With your height, I can't imagine you anything less than light-heavyweight (176 - 190) or even heavyweight (190 + lbs). Remember, anyone stepping onstage is most likely usually a good 20, 25, maybe even 30 lbs heavier the rest of the year. As lean as you are in the above photos, you'd have to drop anywhere from 10-15 lbs to really see the details in your legs.

Now, I'm certainly not the be all end all of competitors, but since I can vouch for my own statistics, I hope having these in mind can provide some source of comparison. I think it's safe to say that all first time competitors get a dose of reality when they realize that they're not as big as they though -lol.

Despite all these thoughts, the great news is you're still relatively young, and with only a year of training under your belt, I'm sure you're going to continue to improve no doubt.



My question is natural competitions or NPC?


^Good point. If you're going NPC, expect to have to pack on even more lbm. If you take an average NPC Middleweight, stand him next to an average WNBF middleweight, despite relative similarities of scale weights, the visual sizes of the two can be quite different.



Yep, NPC dudes even at local shows you will some some absolute freaks.


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