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Bodybuilding Posters

I am looking for bodybuilding posters and am having a hell of a time finding any worth a damn. Do you guys know of anyplace that I can get GREAT posters. Arnie poster would be a plus. Thanx for all responses!

Sure. Just go to homosexual sites. You’ll see they have tons of buff bodybuilders working up a sweat. Some even wear contruction hardhats…

Actually, the -only- reason I would ever purchase Flex or any of the other paper magazine is for the pullout posters. They typically have a big pullout of Arnold every other month or so. Another thing you can do is find a high quality/resolution .jpg of somethnig you’d like on your wall and go to Kinkos. Tell them that your doing a school project on bodybuilding and would like it blown up, in color, to poster size. Sometimes you can get them to do it without bitching about the copyright crap. It’ll cost you a few bucks for that, but is well worth it for a nice poster and no seams up the middle.