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Bodybuilding Pendulm Routine

Hi Everyone,

New to this board and TMag.

Looked at Christian pendulum training acticle and tried to design a routine around the “rules”.

Then I read another article on him where he gave example routines but, he doesn’t even follow the rules of his program. (eg. Structure 1 should be 10-15 reps/set, in his example he does 6-8 reps and different tempo’s).

The program looks interesting however, I am a little confused. Anyone ever used it and/or have routines they have used with it.

Thanks in advance

of course his other articles use different protocols. those are different programs. you dont expect him to re-write the same thing over and over do you? i dont find it to be confusing at all. choose your split and apply the principles outlined in the article.

The article he posted that gave you a background to the concept is “dumbed down” to make the concepts easy to understand and help you create the program. His sample program uses more advanced techniques but the end result is the same. Doing 15r at a regular tempo will work the same fibres,etc. as the 6-8 reps with the more advanced techniques. The TUL adds up to pretty much the same and both methods are structural based as opposed to functional. These rules apply for the following weeks as well.

Of course I don’t expect him to write the same thing over again. However, the article that gave the example was for the bodybuilding pendulum and it didn’t follow the rules for the program. I just thought I was misunderstanding something, which is why I posted this thread.

Thanks for your response loopfitt.

That is what I thought, just wanted to confirm. I am new at writing my own routines. I used to do “pre done” routines. But, never really found one that works. Either I overtrain or my body adapts quickly to it (repetitive programs).

Have you tried the program? What do you think of it?

Thanks again.

Pendulum style training is nothing new, it’s been around for ages. Not only have I used this style successfully with myself but with countless others. Like anything else it will work only as well as what you put into it. It is not automatically going to solve all your issues.

Italian, the methods used in the pendulum bodybuilding routine includes several “advanced” training methods, which cannot be planned with the same rules as regular lifting.

italian muscle,

Welcome to the forum, it’s good to have you here. I think the others pretty much answered your current question. If there is anything that I can ever help you with just ask!