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Bodybuilding on Deployment


To those of you who raised your right hand and vowed to protect this country, I thank you and your families for the sacrifices you make everyday. This one here is about being away with little means for comin home with that body you want.

Those of us that live on a ship during deployment know how difficult it can be to get the proper nutrition you need, cuz lets face it galley food aint that healthy and it's LOADED with calories, bad carbs, and tons of unhealthy greases and fats.

Lets not even mention the typical gym equipment that somewhat resembles a prison yard... Missing dumbells, lack of plates, and those assholes that (despite acting like gargantuan beasts) really have no idea what they are doing aside from taking up perfectly usable workout equipment.

I've been doing a pretty damn good job so far since I've been away.
I work night shift so I'm only presented with two meals during the times I am awake (midnight and breakfast)

So here it is:
Wake up:Musclemilk casein shake and my multi

Snack:Probably another muscle milk shake or a protein bar from a friend

Midnight Meal:The healthiest most protein rich food they are serving (which still sucks in comparison to the awesome foods I could be getting from home) and some form of good carbs (such as whatever veggies they happen to maybe put out, if at all, otherwise it's just rice or wheat bread)

Snack:Musclemilk shake (see the unnerving trend here?)

Breakfast:4 hardboiled eggs (whites only) and some fruit (I love when they actually put out grapefruit but it's probably going to be an apple) and oatmeal if they happen to be serving it.

WORKOUT TIME! YES! PWO: Whey shake with some BCAAs and Creatine.

Pre-Bed:You guessed it...musclemilk baby...

And that's the damn routine day in day out.

Workout goes like this: (Solid state 30 min cardio everyday that doesn't list cardio)
Sun:Abs and Cardio (Usually some HIIT or I rest...I usually dont get much sleep)
Mon:Legs...nuff said
Tues:Chest and Back
Weds:Shoulders and Arms
Thurs:Abs and Cardio
Sat:Upper body blast

If any of you have any suggestions or inputs I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for all of you that support what myself and others do, I know there's a lot of you out there who put yellow ribbons on your vehicles or support our troops stickers and trust me...when we see it, it means a lot more to us than you can ever possibly know...


I'm not in the Army, but there is a log of a DC trainee and soldier you might want to read (his youtube channel is "slayermetal7" I think):


Essentially did an army bb show where he won the heavies and is then going into off-season mode... Cool to see how the weights climb and how he did it, food-wise.

His gym is pretty nice though (with the exception of the occasional bullet flying through and hitting random people, that is?)... Guess the quality varies a lot depending on where exactly you're deployed.

Good luck with your training.


Nice work! Thanks for your service.

A couple of thoughts.

Why casein at breakfast and not whey or a mixture?

Why just 4 egg whites, the yolks are the best part?

Keep it up.


Do you think the whey would be a better protein to have at that time? What if i was to mix my whey and some casein? It is my only meal for a few hours and if I have whey I'll be hungry in 30 minutes at least.

Lol and I have a special "deal" hooked up with the guy that serves breakfast, normally you only get two boiled eggs if you dont want scrambled eggs, so I get double what others get :stuck_out_tongue:
If I was to eat my eggs with yolks it would be cooked on the grill, I can't stand hardboiled yolks BLEH! So would you suggest eating my yolks then?


Whilst I was not in the Navy, I did get deployed a time or two in the Army. Keep working at it and I hope you the best. It can be tough to get your calories in, at least for me it was, so I feel your pain. Make sure you keep that "deal" with the breakfast server. Thanks for your service and keep us posted on your progress.


Leo Ingrim is Navy and when deployed, he seemed to use that time to "bulk up" simply because of the food situation. The caloric load in that food must be pretty significant because before he did his last show, he said he had gotten up over 300lbs simply because he couldn't train how he needed and his workload didn't allow much time to control his intake/work output.


I'll have to check that out, ya our food is loaded with tons of empty and garbage calories, it's difficult to eat around them...


I'd encourage you to eat the whole hard boiled eggs, that is one of the healthiest sources of fat you have at your disposal. Just my two cents.

Good luck.