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Bodybuilding Oil?


Looking to take oiled up pictures.
anyone know where to make your own or buy oil that could be used for this?






well what im really asking is for your experiences on making your own oil, or other substitutes that might work if I don't want to order a bottle of professional one


You DO know that I posted that pic as a joke, right? That's MOTOR OIL... with the name BRAD on it.



baby oil?


The one time I competed as a teen, I used vegetable oil.
If all you want is a sheen for your photos, almost any type of thin oil will do.


Hahahaha!! Awesome!

Sorry OP. Done hijacking.


Took me like 5 mins to find this commercial enjoy.


yes, but you know me, i might just use it.

anyway i wasn't refering to you, i was referring to the guy who told me to google it. Well i'm sure u can google bench press routines as well on the internet instead of coming here and asking the expert. But I chose the latter.


thanks! that's the answer i was looking for.


Pam, it's a photography secret.