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Bodybuilding = No social Life?

New year, new dawn etc I decided to get serious with my training and nutrition which means doing everything in my power to acheive my goals - 1)Muscular strong body 2)Get qualified as a personal trainer.

I’ve read about the effects of alcohol on training and expereinced them first hand and it’s all bad. Unfortunatly for me I live in the UK and all social activity revolves around pubs and nite clubs and getting so fucking wasted your nobody unless you spent the night on a park bench lying in your own puke! I find myself making excuse after excuse to avoid going out and now it’s isolating me from my freinds which is also somthing I don’t want. How the hell do you people with this problem? If I go out and don’t drink i’ll be in the corner with a coke looking at my watch all night while everybody else gets hammered but if I drink it’s 1 step forward 2 steps back in the pysique game.
I don’t know if the social thing is different in the States but over here it’s one big estrogen pary, whats a T-man to do?

BodyBuilding is the most selfish “sport” there is. It begins with 5 - 6 days per week in the gym, constant vigilance with diet concerns, and pouring over magazines, bulletin boards, and web sites trying to make sense out of all of it. Oh, don’t forget all the time spent looking into mirrors and checking your reflection in store windows…just to make sure you look good. Then, if you get good enough and want to try for a contest, you can forget about even watching your favorite one (1) hour television show because you will have no time. As far as I go, the only friends I have left are my gym buddies…and I only see them at the gym. Serious bodybuilding is not easy, but ya know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. TenMan

just tell em you will be the DD and go out. no biggie. im in college and dont drink, so whenever i go to parties, i just carry a water bottle around and jingle my keys when someone asks me if i want a drink. no one really cares here. on another note, im going to second when tenman said, especially the “i wouldnt have it any other way” quote.

I just say to people I don’t drink. Not drinking and not having fun are not related. You need to change your mindset, you may however find that your perception of funny will be different from your mates who are plastered.

I can relate to feeling left out when not drinking. Its hard to have fun with your friends when they’re making jackass’s of themselves, and your not their to join them :slight_smile: Are you single? Try to chat it up with the ladies, you have an advantage not having spit on your chin and smelling of rum.You might just have to suck it up and cut down on drinking. Satisfaction does come from knowing that your the only one with the will power to not drink.

There are SOOOO many places to pick up women/meet people other than bars. Try a library for a start.

GO out and drink anyway!

I’m in school, so my situation is as bad if not worse than yours. I just try to drink a good thick beer (which I feel is ‘better’ than sickening yankee swill for absolutely no reason whatsoever. But you’re a brit so I don’t have to mention this one) and stay hydrated. Oh yeah, and eat a banana and a shitload of water before you go to bed.

Besides, beer and chicken wings go together like… something that goes together well. And chicken wings are proteiney!

Therefore, going to the bar is good for your physique.

Enjoy partying with your new ridiculous rationalization. :slight_smile:

LOL at dave and the rest of ya. Ya can still drink once in a while, just not often. Ya just have to remind yourself what ya want more. Being purdy, or a drink.

OK smart arse, the reason I don’t drink is because when I was younger I had a drink problem, not AA level but definitely consistent binge drinking. I then went through being a very moderate drinker but occasional bingeing, then I drank occasionaly but more to appease people than because I wanted to. I got to where I thought stuff it I don’t want to drink alcohol at all, so I don’t.

I second char-dawg. I met a nice guy at the local airport, and now he’s my good friend. :slight_smile:

I don’t drink, yet I still can have a ton of fun, even if I’m around a bunch of obnoxious drunks.

Getting drunk & partying sure is cool. I wish I could do that all the time. I sure am a sap for studying & working hard & trying to be the best person I can be.

As the name suggests I am very much a Brit, although I am currently in the states right now. I was rather suckered to getting my party pants on in the U.K too. We would wonder from bar to bar loading on the booze, Carling was pretty good! Those that had a geezer/chick to go home with dissapeared, while the rest of us would hit the kebab shop’s
If you were really bored you would find a couple blokes using some chaps head as a rugby ball around the corner. I am digressing here…

You have already evolved from all of this brainless tosh! You have goals and aims in your life and choose not partake in ‘these’ activities. Your friends should respect you for that, if not what friends are they? However; ‘‘All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy’’, enjoy life and I don’t know many women that find a trashed, vomit covered chap attractive. This was alway’s my problem. Now I am in the states I have surrounded myself with positive people, ones that after working out say ‘‘fancy getting a protien shake with us and chillin on the beach?’’ Friends that have goals and aspairations for their lives, just like you!

Yeah I hear that. The drinking culture in the States is nothing compared to in the UK.
My theory is the Brittish people (me) are so repressed during the average week playing their boring lives with Brittish pesimism and
bore, ‘put the kettle on luv, corrie’s on in a minuite’, they let loose too much so on the weekend for all thier repression. It makes me laugh how Americans think the UK is all Mary Poppins,posh accents, tea and crumpets with the vicar etc, nothing could be further from the truth.

Damn I hate this country sometimes

I party an average of twice a week. I’m also in the gym about 5 days a week. My diet is tight 90% of the time. I feel no guilt about having a pint or eight with the boys. I do well in school and my physique is better than most of the population. Life is too short to guilt yourself out of things that you consider pleasurable; if you do not consider drinking pleasurable, fine. Training is something else that gives me pleasure, so does partying; its all about balance, and for me, life is too short to worry about my abs every waking second.